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Welcome to Coaching!

"Each coaching session is about uncovering the hidden, next, successful step on the path. My gift lies in my ability to find the one thing, that when changed, changes the whole landscape for the better."

Get a Coach -- Get It Done!

Your job is to create the life you want. My job is to help you do it.

There is no doubt that coaching reduces or eliminates wandering behavior, confusion and overwhelm. Coaching is the difference when success is achieved.

The relationship between coach and client is an important one. I trust you to be passionate and engaged with your life goals and dreams. And I bring all my coaching skills, business skills, goal setting and planning, marketing and Internet skills to the relationship.

In addition, I hold space for your success, I allow my own conscious and subconscious mind to continually work on your goals. Thus, providing ongoing insight and inspiration. For this reason, I limit the number of clients I work with and often have a waiting list.

Below are some examples of what we can accomplish together:
  • Identify the profits in your chosen niche

  • Identify, locate and capture your target market

  • Become focused on the elements that are critical to your business success

  • Develop a business and marketing plan with specific objectives, strategies that work and an effective action plan to achieve it

  • Substantially increase and automate your business operations

  • Identify your ideal client and attract more of them -- faster!

  • Determine your competitive edge and use it in your marketing

  • Create products that increase credibility and offer irresistible solutions to your market's problems

  • Increase productivity through systems, procedures and checklists

  • Learn new skills and tactics -- in marketing, management, Internet marketing, etc.

  • Ultimately create a business that runs without you

  • Set business and life goals so you can be more focused

  • Determine your strengths and hire out your weaknesses

  • Articulate what you do in a way that has people wanting to become your clients

  • Learn how to outsource and thereafter lead your business -- rather than be stuck working in it forever

  • Celebrate the many wins -- work through the many challenges

Every Successful Business Owner Has a Mentor

As your coach, I'll be here for you providing you with proven-to-work tools, step-by-step processes, resources, exercises, encouragement and a kick in the rear as needed. As my client, you'll receive each of the following:

  • One to four phone sessions totaling two hours a month

  • Email support. I expect you to ask for resources or advice on whatever you're working on.

  • Kick-butt support to overcome reluctance, resistance or fears that crop up.

  • Resources and templates proven to help you get unstuck

  • Must-talk short calls between sessions, when you need to move massively forward or shatter challenges

Don't take my word for it.
Listen to what my clients say:


My retirement plan before working with Robin: hoping some long-lost relative would leave us a bunch of money.

Through coaching with Robin, I've learned how to create money on demand. When I started working with her, I'd hoped to generate some extra income that we could use to invest and someday retire - and we're working toward that still. But we've seen benefits in the here and now that are a lot more concrete. Our son needed some extra help with school. Both kids have after-school sports they like. Tutoring, karate, and baton are expensive! Also, the old junker I'd been driving finally saw its last day, which meant getting a new vehicle.

The old way of looking at these challenges: check the bank account and budget, then say, "No."

With the cash machine Robin helped me build, we've been able to take on these extra expenses - standing on our own feet, creating the cash needed to pay for what our family needs. What Robin taught me has blessed each of us, and given me the confidence to go after huge goals.

Thanks, Robin!

Sue LaPointe