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"Each coaching session is about uncovering the hidden, next, successful step on the path. My gift lies in my ability to find the one thing, that when changed, changes the whole landscape for the better."

Programs and Pricing


Over the past 16 months I have been fighting my way through a life-challenging illness. There was a time where I lay in my bed on oxygen wondering if I would live. Today I am on an upward spiral to vibrant health. And the journey has changed me permanently.

My life is about authenticity. My life is about being abundantly supported in being exactly who I am. And I strive to live each day on a path of full expression and service.

Many of you have called me in hopes of coaching with me. You share your heart-felt stories and I know I can make a difference. Yet, my set coaching fees stand in the way of what is possible. I am ready to leave behind the sadness this creates in me.

What this means to you is that I have released myself from my set coaching fees. I no longer strive to convince anyone that what I offer as a coach is worth a particular dollar amount.

In the past, I have charged as high as $1000 per month. At Live Out Loud people paid as high as $700 for an hour of my time. Today, setting fees results in so many of you not getting the coaching you need. I am done with that.

In these hard economic times there are a lot of you out there struggling. And again, I know that I can and want to make that difference.

Here is the way it works:

  1. Email me and make a coaching appointment.
  2. Spend an hour with me and we will figure out your next steps with what you are working on.
  3. Make a money gift or not according to the value I give and the resources available to you. When your resources increase, increase your gifts... if you so choose.
  4. Come back when you are ready for the next session to determine your next steps.

Don't let your lack of healthy cashflow stop you from getting the help you need and deserve.

The rules:

  • Respect my time and yours. Please don't make an appointment with me and not keep it. If you need to change it, let me know. I know that life happens, and things change.

  • Appointments will be scheduled around my availability. I am currently working with a small number of clients on national projects. In addition, I spend a few hours a day dedicated to my health regime.

  • Please consider the value I have brought to your life and donate to the best of your ability. At this stage of my life, I am choosing to let you determine the fees.

  • Respect the work. You are in charge of your life. You are in charge of your goals and you are in charge of your life vision. I will help you unravel the gordian knots that seem to keep you from clearly realizing the next steps you need to take.

  • I am happy and honored to hold the highest vision of you, even when you can't. However, you need to take the action and the reigns of leadership in your life and Do The Work. I can't do it for you.

To get started:

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