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Welcome to Coaching!

"Each coaching session is about uncovering the hidden, next, successful step on the path towards The Dream Life. You still need to take action. However, uncovering each next step is something you can share."


"You truly are a gifted teacher who knows how to translate complicated, intimidating Internet education into a simple, easy-to-understand language. In my years of continuing education courses, I have never studied with anyone more passionate, giving of her time and genuinely invested in her students learning the material than you are.

You definitely practice what you preach... you under promise and over deliver... and over deliver... and over deliver... Many thanks! I look forward to studying with you again."

Anne (Venice, CA)


"Your course is amazing, and as I am exceedingly slow when it comes to understanding anything more than the basics of getting around on my computer, I must say that I was able to keep up. Thank you so much for making reviews available!!!! I am so eager to have an internet biz."



"Since you began coaching me in September 2004, you've taken me to places in my wealth journey I never knew existed! You listen to my successes and failures, and encouraged me along the way. Together, we balanced my energy, learned effective money management tactics, and created & refined my investment and job rules & maps. We developed my power of intention to manifest abundance, and you allowed me to realize that I must always be working toward my dreams and financial goals.

In summary, you are a wonderful coach! Our calls have been energetic, interesting, and challenging, and you've facilitated my wealth condition more than I'd expected. Now - thanks to your inspiration - I get to take confident, bold, fearless action in my life.

"Thank you" are only words; the gratitude for what you've done for my life cannot be expressed in any words. You are a wonderful human being, and I am honored to know you."

Chris Steely


"The turning point in our decision to coach came when we realized what coaching really was and what it could do for us. Many people mistake coaching as some sort of abstract mix of consulting and therapy. It's not. Unlike consulting which often generates a plan only, coaching provides structure, support and feedback in an ongoing process of clarifying desires, removing blocks, attaining goals and realizing visions. Unlike therapy which encourages understanding, coaching generates action. Coaching, at its best, is an empowering partnership that encourages you to broaden your thinking and take meaningful actions that accomplish your desired results faster and with less struggle. Robin M Powers is coaching at its best.

We started coaching with Robin in June 2004 as we were launching, Daniels Music Schools, our music education contracting business. At the time, all we had were great ideas and a few pieces of data that convinced us that we actually had a niche.

Then we started on the business. We set the business plan into motion while setting a course to land our first clients. Robin supported us by giving us ideas, being a sounding board for our ideas, and using her own business savvy to guide us. Her suggested materials for us to read were exactly what we needed. Six months later, thanks to Robin, we are living in what was once just a great idea.

We will definitely coach with Robin again."

Douglas McRay and Kikuyu Daniels